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Caesar+Cleo is an international production agency featuring our own spacious studios for film, photography and postproduction .
As cooperative partners, our aim is to help you or your leadagency create and construct your individual brand development. We also target clients with their own marketing department, working as a complementary element to an already established structure.
Our goal is to achieve fast and efficient solutions through our in-house creative team of diverse photographers, filmmakers, and editors. In service to your brand’s strategic alignment, we coordinate all the processes from concept to final draft, which includes location scouting, permits, casting, styling, and direction.


Working in worldwide settings or in our own studios, we bring your campaign into reality, through the production of brochures, lookbooks, photography, and film. Our experience with a wide range of internationally known businesses and brands has helped us hone our skills for creating clear-cut image concepts across the board that are designed to support the explicit visual positioning of your brand.


To make a creative film you need passion, which allows the work to ripen into a great and harmonious piece. Turning this passion into practical reality requires a solid interaction with all of the people involved. At Caesar + Cleo, our closely knit team provides all of the services necessary to accomplish a complete and unified production. Providing our expertise and vision along with cameras lights, and all the other necessary elements, we also include our own in-house sound productions to bring your video or film to life.

Photography + Postproduction 

Each brand requires its own pictorial language. Our team of photographers guarantee a consistency within this language that is created just for your product. With image editing conducted in-house, we then transfer the work to the appropriate medium via standardized processes or through consultation with a printing house or other similar facility.


Every house is only as strong as the weakest stone upon which it was built. At Caesar + Cleo we believe that every aspect of production is essential to the strength of your campaign. Having all elements of production under one roof allows us to provide seamless continuity when it comes to bringing the vision of your product to life. Creating, developing, and supervising concepts and strategies are the foundation of what we do. Styling, location, set design, media application, and coordination are the stones with which we build your brand so that it stands firm and strong.

Visual Brand Development 

The goal of brand development begins with understanding all aspects of your product. Knowing in which store to place your product is only a fraction of what it takes to grasp the full potential of helping your brand become a household name.
At Caesar + Cleo our job is to develop high quality strategies to support and accompany your brand from inception to completion, and beyond. This includes the incorporation of film, photography, and illustration appropriate for your demographic. Through these protocols we are able to establish a clear and powerful position for your product in the marketplace.